Domain Name

I Just Paid For A New Domain, Why Isn’t It Working?

The payment for a new domain is processed manually so we can make sure everything will work properly for you the first time. We realize it can be a bit unnerving waiting, but most of the new domains are set up within 24 hours or less. If it’s been longer than 24 hours since you […]

I Just Set Up The Domain I Own With My Account And It’s Not Working!

If you just set up your domain and pointed it to your account, chances are it will take an hour or so to start working properly. It really depends on who you own our domain with, it takes a little while for their servers to update themselves. Just hang in there:) If, however, it still […]

My Website Isn’t Working!!

This is probably the most frustrating thing that could happen to anyone. You spend hours making everything just right, and then… nada. Here’s a couple things to try, if they don’t work, contact us right away with a bit of info, like what browser you’re using, and also what device you’re attempting to see your […]

I Own More Than One Domain. Can I Use Both With My Account?

Yes. While your account can only have ONE domain connected to it ( you can forward the other domains you own to the one you have set up on your account. So you can forward and to

I Already Own a Domain. Can I Use It Here?

Yes! If you already have a domain that you own, we can link it to your account. Just contact us with the domain name you have, and we will get back to you with the information you need to get everything working on your end.