How Do I Add a Banner to Just One Page?

If you prefer, You can add a banner or link to just one page, instead of all of them. This also comes in useful if for some reason your link or banner just isn’t working on the links page. (but if that happens you really should be contacting us) Don’t be discouraged by the code […]

How Do I Put A GIF Image In My Blog?

Ading a GIF (animated) image in your blog is a great way to make your blog stand out and look more interesting to read. This article assumes you already have a gif somewhere on your computer that you want to use. Here’s how to use them in your blog: 1. Click on the Web Pages […]

How Do I Add a Picture On A Different Web Page?

The main photo gallery and member’s only galleries are an awesome way to showcase your favorite pictures. You can add a picture to other pages as well to make your site more unique. Here’s how: 1. Go to the Web Pages tab. 2. Click on a web page. For the Tutorial, I’m clicking on About […]

How Do I Get The Code for Google Calendar And Add It To My Website?

Getting the code from Google Calendars can be kind of confusing, but well worth it because you can co-ordinate your bookings, show others when you’re free or busy, and you and your visitors can see what’s going on at a glance. This tutorial assumes you have a google or gmail account. If you don’t have […]

How Do I Get My Site Out There?

The key is to get quality traffic back to your website. You can aquire this traffic by listing in the big adult directories like Eros, AdultSearch, CityVibe, TheEroticReview, etc. Just share your website wherever you can, tweet it to your followers, and keep your content current.

How Do I Change/ Remove the “Available Now” Banner On my Page?

You have the option of setting an online status for yourself. Visitors on your page will see this. You can set it to available now, available tonight, online now, or hide it alltogether. This is what it looks like on your webpage: To Change your online status, click on your account button, it will have […]

How Do I Create or edit A New Email Group/ List?

You can create an email group so it’s easier to send emails to a certain group of people. When Someone signs up for your email list, they will have the option to sign up for your main email list, or just a specific one (if you have more than one) Let’s Get your communications organized! […]

How Do I Change the Favicon for My Website?

A favicon is a tiny icon or picture that shows up beside your website name in a browser, and it also appears beside the site name if someone bookmarks your page. Changing your favicon makes your site stand out a bit more, and makes your site less like everyone else’s. Here’s how to change your […]

How do I link My Website With My Social Media Accounts?

Linking your website to your active social media accounts can help you get more pageviews, attract new clients, let others know you’re a human, and it also gives visitors a chance to get to know you and to see what’s going on. (you can always make a “professional” page just for this if you want […]

How To Add A Links/ Banners Page

Adding a links or banners page is a great and easy way for your visitors to see all your links in one place. You can add links to your profiles and ads on other sites, favorite charities, or anything you like. Here’s how to set up a page just for links and banners: 1. Click […]