Members Area

Can I Charge For Access To The Member’s Section?

Yes, you can:) Since you are the one in control of the login info for visitors, you can make sure they have paid you before you accept or deny access to those users. The only thing is we do not provide a payment processing service, you’d have to find your own. ***Please note that PayPal […]

How do I create a login for a client?

Creating a Client Login is a quick and easy way to ensure your favorite clients have access to your Members Area, especially if you get a lot of membership requests and don’t have the time to look through them all. Here’s how to create a client login: 1. Go to the Members tab. 2. Click […]

Can I charge a fee for members to join?

You can ask for a fee for members to join your website, but the payment would need to be handled by yourself as we do not have a billing application in our system that would allow you to charge them.

Who approves new members?

You are the only one who can approve new members. To see pending member requests: 1. Go to the Members tab. 2. Click on Accounts. 3. Click on the Pending tab. 4. To Approve the new member, click on the green check mark. 5. To Deny access, click on the red X.

How do I add new photos in the Members Only section?

You can add more special photos to the member’s only section so only approved clients can see them. Start here: 1. Click on the Members tab. 2. Click on Albums/Photos. 3. Click on the Default Album. 4. Click on +Upload to select a picture from your computer.