How Do I Put A GIF Image In My Blog?

Ading a GIF (animated) image in your blog is a great way to make your blog stand out and look more interesting to read. This article assumes you already have a gif somewhere on your computer that you want to use. Here’s how to use them in your blog: 1. Click on the Web Pages […]

How Do I Add a Picture On A Different Web Page?

The main photo gallery and member’s only galleries are an awesome way to showcase your favorite pictures. You can add a picture to other pages as well to make your site more unique. Here’s how: 1. Go to the Web Pages tab. 2. Click on a web page. For the Tutorial, I’m clicking on About […]

How To Add A Watermark To Your Pictures

Adding a watermark to your pictures will help stop people from wanting to steal them. It says “This is mine!” and deters someone else from downloading it and trying to use it as their own. The watermark feature, once set up, will only work on new photos that you upload. The same goes for changing […]

How do I add new photos in the Members Only section?

You can add more special photos to the member’s only section so only approved clients can see them. Start here: 1. Click on the Members tab. 2. Click on Albums/Photos. 3. Click on the Default Album. 4. Click on +Upload to select a picture from your computer.

I Can’t Upload My Photos

For best results, try using a computer to upload photos instead of a mobile phone or tablet. You can also try uploading using a different internet browser. Another thing that may cause issues is the file itself. It might be too big, or be in the wrong format (.jpeg or .jpg files are the most […]

Can I delete my photos?

Yes. Here’s how to delete your photos: 1. Click on the Web Pages tab. 2. Select Photos. 3. Select the Gallery you want to delete a photo from. 4. Click on Options underneath the photo you want to delete. 5. Click Delete.

How do I add photos?

To add new photos to your gallery: 1. Click on the Web Pages tab. 2. Select Photos. 3. Click on the Gallery you want to add pictures to. 4. Click on +Upload. 5. Click on the image file you want. 6. Click Open. Your new photo will now upload to the gallery.

Activate Your Image Splitter Feature

The Image Splitter feature prevents your pictures from being downloaded by others by cutting up the image into several pieces. To turn the image splitter on or off: 1. Click on the Settings tab. 2. Click on Image Split from the Website section. 3. Select On or Off. 4. Click Save. Warning: Turning off the […]