Screening Form

Can I Get Rid Of The CAPTCHA On My Screening And Contact Pages?

Yes, you can remove the CAPTCHA if you want to. Please note, the CAPTCHA might look silly, but it helps prevent you from getting spammed by “bots” that can fill out forms automatically. If you still want to remove it, please follow the steps below: 1. Click on your settings tab. 2. Select the CAPTCHA […]

Why Did My Screenings Disappear?

Your screenings will only be saved on the site for 7 days. After that, they delete themselves. Since your screenings also get automatically sent to your email as well, it’s a good idea to save your screening emails for future reference.

Can I customize my screening form?

Yes. You can add or delete any of the fields in your Screening Form to make the questions more about what you want to know from potential clients. 1.Go to your Web Pages tab. 2.Click on Screening. To edit any question on the form, click on the pencil. An Edit box will pop up. Here […]