How Do I change My Phone Number?

If you’ve changed your phone number, you’ll want to update it on your contact page. **Please note, if your template also has your number at the top of the page, click here for a separate tutorial on how to change it in the header. Follow these quick steps to update your number on the contact […]

How Do I Change My Phone Number In The Header?

Some of the available templates have a special place for your phone number at the top of every page. If you’ve changed your phone number recently on the contact page, you need to also change it here. Here’s what one of the headers with the phone number looks like: Let’s get this changed to a […]

Can I Get Rid Of The CAPTCHA On My Screening And Contact Pages?

Yes, you can remove the CAPTCHA if you want to. Please note, the CAPTCHA might look silly, but it helps prevent you from getting spammed by “bots” that can fill out forms automatically. If you still want to remove it, please follow the steps below: 1. Click on your settings tab. 2. Select the CAPTCHA […]

I Don’t Want The Mobile Version For My Website

We don’t actually have a version or seperate mobile site for cellphones. If the template you’re using says it’s mobile friendly, that just means its supposd to work better for a phone if someone is using one to see your website. Visitors can always view the desktop version from their phone if they choose to.

I Want To Use Different Emails For My Account And Visitors.

Your account can only have one email connected to it. However, it is possible to use more than one email. Besides the email you have on your account, you can make it invisible in your settings, and just put your other email on your website in the text area.

How Do I Change/ Remove the “Available Now” Banner On my Page?

You have the option of setting an online status for yourself. Visitors on your page will see this. You can set it to available now, available tonight, online now, or hide it alltogether. This is what it looks like on your webpage: To Change your online status, click on your account button, it will have […]

How do I link My Website With My Social Media Accounts?

Linking your website to your active social media accounts can help you get more pageviews, attract new clients, let others know you’re a human, and it also gives visitors a chance to get to know you and to see what’s going on. (you can always make a “professional” page just for this if you want […]

Can I disable a page and enable it again later?

Yes. You can turn a page “off” and add it back with all the same info it had before. Here’s a quick how- to: 1. Go to the Web Pages tab. 2. Click on the web page you want to disable. Here, we will disable the FAQ page. 3. In the top right corner, it […]

Can I hide my email?

Yes. You can hide or unhide your email anytime. Here’s how to change your email visibility: 1. Go to the Settings tab. 2. Click on Email. 3. Click here to hide your email or to make it public. 4. Click Save.