How Do I Embed A Youtube Video On My Webpage?

You can take any one of your Youtube videos and embed it onto a web page. **Please note, you shouldn’t use someone elses’ videos without permission. It’s illegal. 1. Click on the Web Pages tab to get started. 2. Click on the web page you want to put the video on. I’m going to put […]

How to add a page just for videos

You can add a page for videos so visitors can watch them. Please remember the rules, no sexually suggestive or explicit acts, no solicitation, and no illegal content. Here’s how to add a Videos page and upload your first video: 1. Click on the Web Pages tab. 2. Click on +Add Page in the top […]

My video won’t upload

For best results uploading videos, use a computer instead of a cell phone. Some phone browsers just don’t work so well with the uploading page. If you’re still having issues, contact Customer Service.

What Type Of Videos Can I Upload?

Videos can be uploaded in pretty much any format. For best results, use a computer instead of a mobile phone. If you’re having video issues, please contact Customer Support.