I can’t find my website on Google, why?

There is an awesome (and helpful!) marketing blog called The Marketing Agents. Please click the link to read about why you can’t seem to find your site on Google, and how to go about fixing it.

Should I hire an SEO specialist?

This is entirely up to you. A good SEO specialist can be quite expensive, and a cheaper one can mess with your website and get your site penalized. There is a ton of information online to help you do ...

How can I get more visitors to my website?

Website traffic is crucial to making it online. For starters, here’s a few ideas that may aid in increasing visitors to your website: List your site in Adult directories. Try these ones for st...

What are meta tags?

A meta tag is a special kind of HTML (internet) tag that describes what is on a web page and also provides keywords for search engines like Google.