You can add a contact page to your website where you can display contact information and even have a form that visitors can fill out to email you.

Here’s how to add a contact page:

1. Go to the Web Pages tab.

2. Click on +Add Page.

3. Click on +Add this page under Contact.

4. This is where you can add some text to your contact page. Type whatever you like here, or click on Quick Setup at the bottom to choose a sample message.

5. Click Save.

6. Next, click on the Details tab.

7. Enter your contact information on this page. Only put in your phone number if you want it to be visible. You can hide your email address later.

8. Click Save.

9. Click on the Confirmation tab.

10. This is what your client will see after they send you an email through the form on your contact page. you can leave it the way it is, or change the text if you want to.

11. If you decide to change the text here, click Save when you’re done.

12. Click on the Properties tab.

13. If you want to hide your email address, you can do that here.

14. You can change the name of the contact page if you like by typing here:

15. If you made any changes on this page, click Save.