Our system isn’t really set up for users to completely edit the HTML of their own pages. (see below for HTML code insertion) We do, however, have a custom design service if you want to fully customize your site.

One thing you can do with HTML is if there’s a text tab for the page you want to edit, you can add an HTML code or widget to that page.

Click on the source code button.

This will bring up a text box. My writing on the page is at the top.

You can copy and paste a code here to add a banner code, stats counter, twitter feed widget, or another HTML type code here if you like, but it will show up in the text area of the page only. And only on this page. Click OK after you have pasted the code here.

I just added a banner for The Erotic Review.

And I just clicked on the picture then Align Center to center it on the page.

Click save when you’re done.