If you prefer, You can add a banner or link to just one page, instead of all of them. This also comes in useful if for some reason your link or banner just isn’t working on the links page. (but if that happens you really should be contacting us)

Don’t be discouraged by the code editor, just follow these steps and you’ll have a banner on your page in no time!

1. Once you’re logged in to your account, click on the web pages tab to get started.

2. Click on the page you want to add the banner to. I’ll be adding a banner to my “About Me” page. This is the page where TER usually wants their banner/ logo.

3. At the top of the text area, click on the <> to open the source code editor.

4. Scroll all the way down to the bottom if you have a lot of stuff in there. Hit enter once to start a new line and copy/ paste your banner code in there.

5. Click on OK.

6. You will now see your banner at the bottom of the text area.

7. Your banner will probably be aligned to the left. To fix this, just click on it, then go to the top and click on center align.

8. Don’t forget to click Save!

9. That’s it! You can preview how it will look on the page by clicking here.

Here it is on my page: