The main photo gallery and member’s only galleries are an awesome way to showcase your favorite pictures. You can add a picture to other pages as well to make your site more unique. Here’s how:

1. Go to the Web Pages tab.

2. Click on a web page. For the Tutorial, I’m clicking on About Me, but you can pick any page with a text tab. (see Below)

3. This page has a Text tab here. This means we can add an extra picture (or more) to this page.

4. If you already have text on this page like I do, hit enter a couple times at the end so there’s a little space before the picture goes in here.

5. Click on the Picture Icon to insert an image.

6. Click the Icon here.

7. Click Upload to upload a new picture from your computer.

8. Click Add Files.

9. Select your picture and click Open.

10. Click on Upload.

11. When it says 100% you can click on Close.

12. Now you can double click on your image. Change the size here if you wish it to be page sized. Use 1200 for width and click Constrain Porportions. (do not make it larger than this) This will make the photo page sized and the height will fill itself in/ change accordingly.

13. Click OK.

14. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

15. Preview your page by clicking Here.

16. Here’s my new picture on the page:)