Having your rates clearly posted on your website will help potential clients know what to expect.
Here’s how to get your rates page up and going:

1. From your account, Click on the Web Pages tab.

2. Click on the rates page.

3. The first thing you will see is some sample rates.

4. Option 1: You can see a sample if you’re not sure what to put here. Click on Quick Setup.

If you like one of the samples you see here, click on Add This To My Site.

5. Option 2: You can change, delete, or move rates already on the list. To edit them, click on the Pencil Icon.

To move an item, click on the Arrow to move it up or down on the list.

To delete an item, clcik on the Trash Can Icon.

6. To add a new rate, click on the + Button.

Enter the information in here, when you’re done, click Add.

You can now move your new rate to anywhere on the list by using the Arrow button.