You can create an email group so it’s easier to send emails to a certain group of people. When Someone signs up for your email list, they will have the option to sign up for your main email list, or just a specific one (if you have more than one)

Let’s Get your communications organized!

1. Click on the Mailing tab.

2. Click on Groups.

3. Click on the + Symbol to add a new email group. (In the picture, I already have one added)

4. Type in the Name for your new email group.

5. Click Add.

Editing your Email Groups:

Click the Trash Can Icon to delete a group.

Click the Pencil Icon to change the name of the group

Click these Arrows to change the order in which visitors will see your mailing list groups in a list.

To add a specific email to one of your groups:

1. Click on Manage beside the group name.

2. Click and drag any email in or out of the list.

3. Click on the X when done. Changes will be saved automatically.