Linking your website to your active social media accounts can help you get more pageviews, attract new clients, let others know you’re a human, and it also gives visitors a chance to get to know you and to see what’s going on. (you can always make a “professional” page just for this if you want to be careful of what visitors and clients see)

Here’s how to link to your social media:

1. Head over to the Settings tab and click there.

2. Click on Social Media.

3. This page opens in the accounts tab. Here, all you need to do is add your username for the site.

4. Click Save when you’re done.

5. If you want to customize how the links look, click on the Appearance tab.

6. Here you can change a few different things around, and make them look the way you want on your website. Change things up a bit, and have fun!