Ading a GIF (animated) image in your blog is a great way to make your blog stand out and look more interesting to read. This article assumes you already have a gif somewhere on your computer that you want to use. Here’s how to use them in your blog:

1. Click on the Web Pages tab.

2. Click on Blog. If you need to add a blog first, see the article on adding a blog here.

3. Give your blog post a title and write your post. Click where you want the GIF image to be, and then click on the Picture Icon.

4. A little box will pop up. Click on the Browse icon.

5. Click on Upload to get the GIF image from your computer.

6. Click on Add Files.

7. Select the GIF on your computer and then click on Open.

8. Click Upload.

9. Once the progress bar says 100%, you can click Close.

10. Your new GIF will have a little check mark under it. If not, just click on it to select it. Now click Insert.

11. Here you can add a few descriptive words in the description box to make the post more search engine friendly. You can also change the size of the image if you want it bigger or smaller. Make sure the Constrain Porportions box is checked before you change anything in the size. Now click OK.

12. Click on Publish to save your blog post.

13. You can now view your post on your website by clicking on the Preview Button.

14. Here it is on my demo website 🙂