Adding a watermark to your pictures will help stop people from wanting to steal them. It says “This is mine!” and deters someone else from downloading it and trying to use it as their own.

The watermark feature, once set up, will only work on new photos that you upload. The same goes for changing your watermark settings, even if you have watermarked pictures on your site, the changes will only work on new uploaded photos after the change has been made.

Here’s how to setup and customize your watermarks:

1. Click on the Web Pages tab.

2. Click on Photos.

3. Click on your gallery to open it.

4. Click on Create Watermark.

5. First, type in the name you are using.

6. This is the preview window. It shows how your watermark will look.

7. Lets change the text size so we can see it.. click here to change it.

8. You can change the text color here.

9. Change the text font here.

10. Here we can make it solid or transparent.

11. Changes are saved automatically. When you’re done, Click the X.

12. To change your watermark settings, click on Edit.