Having a wishlist on your website can be really helpful, especially for any clients you have that may like buying gifts.

Here’s how to add a wishlist and get it started:

1. Click on the Web Pages tab.

2. Click on the +Add Page button.

3. Click on +Add this page where it says Wishlist.

4. Now you can add your first item. Click on the + to add something.

5. Here, you type in what it is, the cost, and a link to a website where your client can see or buy it.

6. Don’t forget to click Add after every item you add.

7. If you want to add some text, click on the Text tab.

8. You can write whatever you want in here, your favorite color, other things you like, anything at all.

9. When you’re done, click on Save.

Last but not least, Have fun!