For security and privacy reasons, Cuties will no longer register domain names as part of their services (as of March 20th 2023).

Note: This change does not affect your actual Cuties website or hosting. No data will be lost and you will not need to make another site.

If you wish to continue using your custom domain name with your Cuties website, we will need to transfer the domain name ownership to your Godaddy account. If you do not have one, it is free to create.

If you already have a Godaddy Account, you can skip directly to step #5 below!

1. Visit

2. On the top right, tap “Sign In”.

3. Tap on “Create an Account”.

4. Continue creating your account.

5. Once your account is created, login and locate your Godaddy Customer # available at the top right.


6. Submit your details below and we will initiate a transfer of your domain name:

    You will receive an email when the domain transfer has been initiated by Cuties.

    Follow the easy instructions afterwards and the domain name will appear in your account. You will be in full control of your domain name.